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Biochemistry data

See also: Guidelines for submitting biochemistry data | Services: biochemistry data

Published Data

On our portal, “Biochemistry” has a broad meaning, including cell- and plasma profiling with, for example, biomarker concentrations in plasma.

General useful data sources

Data available on the European COVID-19 Data Portal

Data available from research groups in Sweden

The list below is curated manually and as such may not be exhaustive. If you would like to see your dataset here or correct information about your dataset, please get in touch with us. Projects sharing data where at least one author has an affiliation with a Swedish research institute are included. At this point, projects which share data openly or which explicitly promise to share data on request are included in this section. In the near future, only projects that either share data openly or have at least a metadata-only record with a clear data access procedure will be included.

Last updated: 2021-05-18

Data types
Project Last updated Available data