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Bioinformatics & Data Management

ELIXIR Estonia Logo ELIXIR Estonia offers various options to help you with a COVID-19 related research project. We have a number of experts who can support you with bioinformatics analysis, systems development and data management. In all our projects, we are committed to FAIR and reproducible research that meets the highest scientific standards.

Research projects related to COVID-19 are currently a priority.


Our team consists of bioinformatics with a wealth of experience. We have skills in genetic analysis of variation, expression analysis, single cell / whole genome assembly and annotation, phylogenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, machine learning, (big data) processing, integrative analysis, and biostatistics.

Systems development

The system development team can help with everything from tools and code optimization to the creation of portals, resources and databases.

Data management

To make the databases available on the European COVID-19 data portals (see chapter data entry. ELIXIR Estonia (elixir @ can help you plan data management, make data compliant with FAIR principles and publish data in public repositories according to internationally agreed standards.

To make your research and data sharing more efficient, it is recommended (sometimes also required by project funders) to create a data management plan at the beginning of the project. A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that tells you how you plan to process new and existing data, both during and after your research project.