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Data submission

Publish your COVID-19 research data to make it available to the rest of the scientific community. The data must be stored in a public repository with descriptive metadata. For many types of biological data, there are international databases that can be considered de facto standards.

Data submission

ELIXIR Estonia ( consults where and how to share data in a public database. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Your research group does not have to be affiliated with any specific institution to receive our help, we are available to help all the Estonian researchers.

European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) has a number of different international data repositories that could be used, if necessary. Additional information is available on the COVID-19 Data Portal Data Submission Page. For data types for which there is no suitable international repository or your data is related to personal data that should be stored in a secure environment, we cooperate with the University of Tartu High Performance Computing Center and we will find a suitable solution according to your needs.

Here are our data submission guidelines for each specific data type:

Supporting data management planning

ELIXIR Estonia ( supports you with data management planning at the beginning of the project to make data sharing more efficient through personal consultations in the field of creating data management plans. We can also help you identify suitable repositories and international standards for describing and publishing your data. In addition, we offer assistance with the data upload process.

Data storage in public repositories

By storing data in a public repositories, you agree that the data will be published and may be used and shared in accordance with specific conditions set by the uploader or repository. The inclusion of data in public repositories is considered important, so data sharing can provide recognition and citations. The publication of the data is accompanied by a unique permanent identifier (e.g., DOI), which is often required for the publication of an article in a journal. Data sharing is also often required by funders.

If necessary, the data can often be published with an embargo period, which means that the data will not be published before the date you set.

Please note that personal data needs more special treatment than there is a desire to make it public.

Data storage at the university

There are currently no rules or requirements for data storage in Estonia. The general recommendation is to ensure the long-term storage of the data produced, either in a university-related or field-specific data repository. If you wish, please contact ELIXIR Estonia (, who will help you find a suitable solution.